Themes For Birthday Party Pinatas

Anybody who has gone to a birthday party definitely knows what a piñata is. Birthday party piñatas are containers covered by brightly-colored papers. This container is filled with lots of candies and toys inside. The piñata is generally suspended in the air through a rope hanging from the ceiling or tree branch. To be able to get the goodies inside, someone must hit the piñata using a stick, or sugarcane by tradition, thus breaking the piñata and showering the goods inside.

Although most people believe that piñatas originated from Mexico or from other Latin American countries, that is not really the case. The Italians are actually the ones that should be credited for the existence of piñatas. In fact, the piñata was originally spelled as “pignatta,” which is the Italian word for fragile pot. Most piñatas are actually shaped like pineapples, which is the symbol of hospitality for Italians. They are also usually made of clay.

Birthday parties are not complete without breaking birthday party piñatas. This is a custom that has traveled from the Italian shores to the shores of Spain, a place where parties and celebrations are commonplace. Since religion was a big deal in ancient Spain, piñatas were often associated with religious themes, and were even said to symbolize Satan. Fortunately, these beliefs are rarely associated with piñatas anymore, and modern piñatas do not only come in clay pots alone.

Piñata themes

Animal theme birthday party piñatas are very common choices for children’s birthday parties. Small toy figures of animals can be placed inside the piñata. Also, these are perfect choices for kids who are fond of taking care of pets. These can also be utilized as an educational material for growing children, so that they discover more about animals.

Holiday theme party piñatas are usually chosen by parents whose children have been born on a holiday. Aside from birthday parties, holiday theme party piñatas can also be used for any type of party or celebration falling on a holiday. These piñatas can contain theme party piñata accessories suitable to the holiday. There is a great deal of local shops selling different theme party piñata accessories that you can choose from. These will surely delight all the kids who participate in the piñata game.

Character theme party piñatas are also great for kids who love watching cartoons. You can buy Barney accessories, or even Disney Princesses accessories, to decorate and incorporate inside the piñata so as to follow the character theme that your child wants. Also, chocolate bars with faces of cartoon characters in their wrappers are perfect stuff to be put inside the piñata. You can also put in colored and non toxic cartoon character stickers inside the piñata.

If your child is a sports buff, why not try going for sports theme party piñatas? You can buy a lot of sports themed accessories to put inside the pi\\ñata, like a sports ball key chain. Instead of putting in sweets, you can try incorporating sports cards and sports figure cards inside the piñata to put a smile on your athletic child’s lips.

Piñata containers

Aside from this variety of themes, piñatas also come in different containers. Clays are things of the past, as newer piñatas make use of different materials, like paper mache and straws. As long as the material used is breakable, piñatas can be made from it.

The traditional shape of piñata containers were usually animal or human figures, but the more contemporary piñatas now make use of mascots, cartoon characters, and other popular figures. There are even stores in Mexico and Central America exclusively selling piñatas. These stores are called pinaterias.

Aside from toys and candies, you can also incorporate other stuff in the piñata, like brightly-colored confetti. These vibrantly-colored confetti can add aesthetic value to your piñata, making the children more eager to participate in the game.

Whatever birthday party theme that you decide to give your child, do not forget to order a piñata since this is an integral part of any birthday party. Children will definitely looking forward to the goodies that they can get from the precious piñatas, not to mention the fun that they get from playing the piñata game.

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