Fun and Games for Your Birthday Party

Fun and Games for Your Birthday Party

If you’re planning a birthday party for your son or daughter, you no doubt have many decisions to make. One of the things you’ll need to consider is what kind of games to play. Here are some ideas for Birthday party games to help you think beyond the standard Musical Chairs and Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

Carnival Games
Kids love carnivals, and it doesn’t take a lot of work to set up carnival party games in your backyard. For an easy penny pitch you can draw a grid on a large piece of cardboard. Put stars or circles on grid and have the children try to hit the targets using pennies. The lollipop tree is also a fun game. Stick lollipops through a cardboard or wood cutout of a tree and have each guest draw one or two. The guests who get lollipops with colored tips get to pick a special prize. Another popular favorite is a pyramid knock-down. Stack painted soup cans or juice cans and have contestants attempt to knock them down by throwing softballs.

Icebreaker Games
If you have invited people to your party that don’t know each other very well, there are a variety of Funny games you can play to help people get to know each other. One popular one is sometimes known as “Who Am I?” On the back of each guest, place a sticker with the name of a celebrity or other well-known person. Make sure it’s someone that the kids will be able to guess as well. Each child walks around and asks the other guests questions to determine the name on their back. Some variations require asking each person no more than two questions at a time, and only asking yes/no questions. Partygoers usually have a lot of laughs as they figure out who they are, and the first person to do so can get a special prize.

Treasure Hunt Games
Older kids enjoy treasure hunt-type party games. The treasure hunt can go in one of a couple of different ways. Some parents choose to draw a map, while others leave clues at various spots that will direct them to the next location. If you decide to incorporate a treasure hunt into your Birthday party games, it’s important to keep in mind the age and energy of the participants. Another option is to have a scavenger hunt, either for items or for snapshots of various things. Make a list of the items to be found and divide the guests up into two or three teams. Each team has to snap pictures or collect items. Some parents choose to make a very long list of items and set a time limit. When the time is up, the team that collected the most items is the winner.

No matter which option you choose, these Birthday party games are sure to create some fun, humorous memories.

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