How To Make Favour Bags For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Favour bags are so easy to make that even your child will be able to help at a young age or if they are a little older, they can make these party favour bags themselves.

Materials needed to make the bags:

  • Scissors
  • Coloured card or heavy wrapping paper
  • Empty cardboard boxes like cereal boxes or biscuit boxes, depending on the size of the gift or bag you want to make
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • Cardboard
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon, string or cord to match or compliment the paper

1. Lay box flat on long side of paper, ensuring paper will fold up to cover three-quarters of base. Wrap paper around box to take circumference measurement, adding 2cm for overlap at side join. Mark dimensions with pencil, remove box and cut out.2. Wrap paper around box to measure overlap, remove and open up again. Fold 3-4 cm over to inside at top edge of paper, glue in place.

Idea: Strengthen the places where the holes for the string or cord will be by cutting two pieces of firm cardboard about 3.5 cm wide and just a little shorter than the front and back width of the bag. Put glue on either side of the cardboard and position the pieces of the cardboard along the inside of the bag before gluing the top edges in place.

3. Wrap paper around box and secure the overlap at the side with double-sided tape or glue.While the box is still in the bag, fold the bottom edges over. Secure with double-sided tape or glue

4. Slide box out of bag

5. Pinch edges of bag together with fingers and crease down sides carefully. Flatten bag, fold bottom and flatten. Fold bottom back and open bag.

6. Punch two holes in each side at top, measure the string or cord to the length that you want the handles and add about 5 cm.

7. Thread the string or cord through the holes and knot the ends. Make sure that the knots are big enough so that the handles don’t come off.

Tip: For extra strength or a neater finish, you can cut a piece of paper just a little smaller than the base of the bag and glue in place. You can also cut a piece of cardboard the same size and insert it into the bag on the bottom.

Let your child decorate the bags afterwards with stickers, glitter glue, stencils or paper cutouts. If you have enough empty boxes, the party guests can even make their own bags as part of the party activities. You can always ask friends or family to save empty boxes or if you do not have enough boxes for the number of party guests, you can also use books of different sizes and thickness to make the bags.

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