Birthday Party Pinata Accessories – More Than Just Filler

When you think of piñata filler you probably think of the traditional filler candy. Kids are always happy with candy. You will want to choose candy that is small enough to fit into the hole on the piñata. Individually wrapped candy like sweet tarts, smarties, bubble gum, mints and taffy are great choices. Most piñatas hold about 2 to 3 pounds of candy, depending on the size and style of the piñata.

Small toys can also be used as piñata filler with or without candy. When choosing small toys keep the age of the children that will be at the party in mind, you don’t want to fill your piñata with small toys that may cause chocking. Any small party favors work well, tops, squirt guns, mazes, yo-yos and whistles. Many online stores offer piñata filler with both candy and toys in one and two pound packages, perfect piñata stuffers.

For an extra special surprise add a package of festive birthday piñata confetti. The vibrant colors of this foil confetti will add a glittering glow when the piñata is opened. This type of foil confetti is available in 2.5 oz. packages, generally 1 package of this confetti is perfect for a standard size piñata.

Your piñata is filled with all types of treasures, now you are ready to play the piñata game. But wait you still need a blindfold to cover the children’s eyes, you don’t want them peeking at the piñata. Blindfolds are generally decorated with multicolored paper and have an elastic band to hold it onto the player’s head. This accessory is inexpensive so you may want to purchase more than one, just in case the elastic band breaks.

The child’s eyes are covered and they have been spun around. They are ready to crack open the piñata with a colorful bat. The piñata buster or bat is a great way to let loose all of the treats and treasure inside your piñata. Piñata busters can be found in 18″ and 30″ lengths in plastic and wood. The piñata buster must be used under adult supervision.

Birthday party piñatas add exciting and surprising fun to children’s birthday parties and other celebrations. The piñata party game is fun for all whether you play or watch!

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