Best Computer Games For A Party

Best Computer Games For A Party

Computer games are a great way of having a laugh when you’ve got a few mates round, and can add some fun to any party. However, you need to choose your titles carefully unless you want to alienate your guests and send them all scurrying for the kitchen. Picking which games to put on is a fine skill, so stack your cards by reading up on the titles best suited to your party.

Unless you’re having a serious games night, you’re going to want to pick games that focus on team playing or have rounds, that way you’re less likely to find people drifting off. It’s also a good idea to go for games that let you choose the difficulty settings for each player. That way, pros and beginners can enjoy playing against each other while still experiencing a bit of a challenge.

Allowing everyone to unleash a little of their inner rock star, one of the best games for parties has to be Guitar Hero. Plug in the guitar and watch everyone stumble over the chords and rock out anyway. Funnily, actual guitarists seem to find it hardest to adapt to the Guitar Hero controls, making it endlessly entertaining to pit them against people who’ve never picked up a real guitar in their life. And if you’re looking to involve as many players as possible, its Rock Band cousin is perfect for getting people to also exercise their vocal chords and percussion skills.

If you’re looking for unrivalled silliness sure to create group hilarity, you won’t do much better than WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii. With over 200 mini games, each only lasting a few seconds, it’s a speedy and exhilarating experience, that also asks the players to get moving and use the Wii remote in a fashion that is guaranteed to have them making a fool of themselves – ideal for any party.

Sony’s Start the Party is a great example of a game designed primarily for laughs, but which will also awaken a little competitive streak in most players. Making use of a camera and the motion sensing software of PlayStation Move, Start the Party gives you the ability to play a selection of wacky mini games – while looking at yourself in the TV screen. Augmented reality means that you can see yourself taking part in tasks such as brushing a crocodile’s teeth, zapping ghosts and swatting bugs. And one of the best things about it is the gallery of poses at the end, as the game takes snapshots of you pulling faces as you try to concentrate on getting the most points.

Of course, encouraging people to take part can sometimes be tricky, but tends to be easier if there a steady supply of alcohol to help them limber up so be sure to¬† buy beer online beforehand and you’re sure to have everyone jumping up and down and shouting at the TV in no time.

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